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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Texas Sweethearts

We were just commenting the other night how much we enjoyed our Texas Thanksgiving and the two special little sweethearts that own a corner of our hearts. We got to skype with them on Wednesday night and we are so thankful for the relationship we have and the giggles that we share. Lexi has learned to 'be sweet' to her sister and gives big hugs when told.
Both girls love their Crackerbarrel rocking chairs that fit 'just right'!
They love doing puzzles of all shapes and sizes.
Caily has mastered her scooter and they have great sidewalks around the house that she can ride on.
 Taking an orange break...notice that we are all wearing necklaces. Caily insisted that we match! :-)
Of course at the end of every day it's time to feed the horses and Caily gets right into it....
 Climbing the fences isn't a problem at all.
 This little horse girl sure does love her animals......
 ....just like her Mommy and Mimi before her.

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Darin and Jody said...

So fun to see pictures and remember the fun we had!