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Monday, December 06, 2010

A Texas Vacation

For the first time since they were married, we spent American Thanksgiving with Jody and her family in Texas! It was so much fun to see where they have been living for the past months, and to spend some time with those special little girls.
Reading with Buppa is always a highlight......I love the way both girls are leaning into the book so they don't miss anything!
They live on a 20 acre property that still has a country feel to it even thought it is close to town which is a nice bonus.
We left Vancouver in a snowstorm so getting to San Antonio where it was in the 80's was wonderful! It felt like summer to us(but fall to them definitely).
There is even an old barn behind the house for their remaining three horses. There is an inscription on the wall that shows that it was built on October 15, 1941!!
It was so warm that we decided to have a wiener roast and make some smores that evening....delicious! All in all a wonderful day!

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Bobbi said...

Sounds like a great trip Doris. Love the pics, thanks for sharing! Will be praying for the house situation. Hugs to all.