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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bright Nights at Stanley Park

One of our family's Christmas Traditions is to go to the Christmas Train at Stanley Park. The weather cooperated and last Wednesday we all packed up our warmest clothes and headed in to Vancouver for our train ride.
This was the third year for the boys so they could hardly wait to get onto the train!
For our Texans it was a cold evening indeed.
Kai was so excited that we were going to go on the train. Of course he didn't remember going two years ago when he was the same age as Halle but it sure sounded like fun just the same.
He loves saying 'cheese' for pictures.
...notice the red noses?
Here comes the train.....

All Aboard.......we got right behind the engine!

Kai could hardly believe his eyes...there was soooooo much to see!

Afterwards we walked through the light displays . Dave wanted a picture of all the kids in front of this one....but getting everyone looking at the camera was quite the challenge.

It was so fun watching the cousins enjoy everything together.

From the park we headed to White Spot for dinner, our one try at going out as a family.
I just watched and treasured all these things in my fun to see everyone having fun.

Holding our 'cousin twins' armful of love!

Although the older cousins were all asleep by the time we got home, the little ones were still ready to party so I just had to take some pictures of the two of them in their sleepers.


Karin said...

What a beautiful photo journal! Looks like a fabulous fun place to make such touching memories!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful photos Doris! Great memories for you. I used to do the Christmas train each winter for a few years with some of my friends. I think we even took Isaac one year before we moved away. Happy New Year!

Anneliese said...

I'm so glad it worked out for you to go! It looks cold but fun. Hope you found some hot chocolate.