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Monday, February 20, 2012

Beauty All Around Us

As I spend time each and every day looking for things to be thankful for, I am learning to stop and see the beauty all around us. It means slowing down, taking a break from what we have to do or hurrying to get to our destination, and just taking a deep breath.
 When I do that, I am in awe of the beauty...... I slow down and enjoy the journey.
 Suddenly it is the little things that bring joy.... the hoar frost on the trees.
Suddenly a drive that we have taken dozens of times before becomes a thing of beauty.....
......and we slow down long enough to enjoy the journey and appreciate the beauty all around us!

So it is with our lives, we need to slow down and take a new look. What do we see in  a new way? What is there that we need to be thankful for?

I am thankful that God is showing me His gifts...every single day! As I stop to write down my thousand gifts for 2012, every day I see His beauty all around me.

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Karin said...

Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing Doris!