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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Happy March

Today is March 1 and this is my new calendar page!!! If the first two months of the calendar made me chuckle, this one makes me laugh out loud!! The Comedy of Doris....isn't that just like my life? I'm so glad it said the 'Comedy of Doris', and not the 'Drama of Doris'....I know it is just random. But still it made me think.

If someone were to describe my life what would they say? Is it a comedy with lots of laughs, that leaves you feeling good when you walk away? Or is it really perhaps a drama, that just goes on and on and leaves you feeling overwhelmed with the heaviness of the plot and all the twists and turns of the characters?

I choose a comedy.....I choose Joy!! I haven't forgotten my word for the year! How about you?

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Karin said...

Choosing joy here too! It's fresh and new every morning - just like His mercy!