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Monday, February 27, 2012

Through the Eyes of a Child

Since the start of the new year, Jaxon comes over on Mondays. One of his favorite things about the day is going on our walk with us. We head down to the park and hit the trail.

At first we were amazed at how much he seemed to enjoy the walks...after all, he just sits in the stroller while the two of us talk and catch up on the happenings in our lives.
 But then I realized it's because there is so much to see and although I am always watching as we walk, with Jaxon along I try to see things through the eyes of a child.
 We look for squirrels stopping to eat in the leaves....
 ....up in the trees.....
 .....and jumping from tree to tree(so far the record is the sighting of 6 on one walk!)
 And of course because we walk around the pond, there are birds of all kinds to see as well.....
 ....he never seems to tire of seeing them, either on the path,
or in the water.

It's refreshing, to see something that has become so familiar as we walk it through the seasons, year after year, through the eyes of a child. Once again I am reminded of the beauty all around us! I can hardly wait until the ducks and geese have their little ones....what fun our walks will be!

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Anneliese said...

You got some great photos there! So nice to have these memories of Jaxon coming along documented.