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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sea World

Ever since Jody and Darin got married and we began to regularly visit San Antonio, I have wanted to visit Sea World....and this trip, well we finally made it!! It was a beautiful sunny day.
Caily was so excited to be able to show us everything at Sea World! After all she is the expert since she has been there several times already this year(they have the best deal...a Fun Card which allows you entrance for an entire year is the same cost as a single day entrance!)
We were ready to enjoy the day! The girls thought it was cold...but as for Dave and I, we thought it was summer!
Once we got through the entrance, Jody decided that we would start at the Dolphin Pool where the girls could feed the dolphins....
 Lexi decided she didn't want to try it so I held her and the camera...
 ....but Caily was so excited to be able to do it.
 It was so neat to see how trained the dolphins are and how gentle.
 Meanwhile Dave and Bria watched from the other side of the pool in the shade.
 Next it was time for sunscreen....everyone needs some in this beautiful weather!
 Baby Bria knows how it's done!
Next up, Shamu.....or Shampoo as the girls call him!

 I have been waiting to see this for years....
 ...and with three adult whales and a baby, it didn't disappoint.
 Bria even enjoyed watching the shows.
 Everyone loved watching the whales jump and splash.
 Thankfully Jody knew just where to sit so we didn't get wet.
 Seeing Bria in this hat took me back 29 years....Jody wore it when she was a baby!!
When we went to see the Penguins we were there just in time to see one walking outside of their enclosure....Caily and I followed him everywhere!
 It was hot so we took a break for some frozen lemonade. I have to admit, Caily's pose cracked us all up!! She is getting ready for the paparazzi!!
 The girls wanted to go on the carousel(of course!) What child doesn't it?
 Lexi insisted she ride a purple horse!
I think my personal favorite of all the shows was the Beluga Whale and Dolphin Show...the trainers got right in the water and you could see below the water line which was very neat.
Three dolphins jumping at once.
They also had birds and divers as part of the show...incredibly entertaining!

 The final show of the day featured a walrus, a sea otter and several trained seals.
 All in all, it was a wonderful and memorable day...we will definitely be back!


Earle Expedition said...

Looks like lots of new memories being made. I showed Connor the pictures of the whales and then we had to watch the whale show on you tube. I couldn't get him away from the computer. Can't wait to take him one day. Great pictures.

JJ said...

Looks like you are having an amazing time with those Texas sweeties!

Beck's Bulletin said...

Jody said to come on down! They would love to have you visit and you could all go together. Your boys would have so much fun with their girls!

Anneliese said...

I have to smile at that gangly oldest granddaughter of yours! They are all so cute.
Can you send over some of that sun?

shahidul islam said...
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