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Friday, April 27, 2012

Who needs a bed? Part 2

One of the fun things about having grandchildren that are very close in age is watching them grow and learn to do the same things. Last week Heather posted this cute picture of Kai taking his nap on a pile of books instead of in his bed. Then this week Jody went to wake Lexi up from her nap, and guess what?
 Instead of her bed, she had fallen asleep in her closet on a giant pile of blankets and stuffed animals.
But yesterday she outdid herself...she had fallen asleep in a basket which normally holds their stuffed animals (you can see it in the background of the picture taken the first day)
Off course she made it nice and comfortable with her blanket and pillow and sheets........she was sound asleep!

Who needs a bed? Not these two cousins apparently! :-)

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Anneliese said...

You wonder what goes on in their little minds. Someitmes you can tell they just got plain tired out and fell asleep at what they were doing, but falling asleep in a comfy bed in a basket? That was nicely planned out.
I have a nice cotton duvet cover that needs a pile of ironing so it's on a comforter just for decorative reasons and we put it on the floor for the night. Yesterfay, while I was getting ready in the ensuite, Makenna made herself a nice comfy bed on top of it with pillows and whatnot thrown into the mix from the stripped bed. She looked like a queen snuggling into the soft pile. I could just imagine her remembering one day how much fun it was to get comfy in Grammy's soft pile on the bedroom floor.