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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Girl After My Own Heart

Anyone that knows me knows that I love flowers....any flowers really.
When we are out walking I have to stop and take pictures of them. Even Caily laughed at me and said that I really, really like flowers.
Dave buys me flowers a lot! And I love it!! So when we were in Texas, he wanted to buy the girls flowers when we were at Costco. Lexi wanted purple ones, so this was the bouquet that she picked.
Caily on the other hand pointed to a bouquet on the other side of the flower stand....we asked which ones she wanted and she said, 'the red ones'......a bouquet of two dozen red roses!!!! Truly a girl after my own heart!! We all laughed...but he bought them! And we put them into a vase......and she hoped they would last for ever!!

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Anneliese said...

LOL! But how nice to know that her grandpa would buy her any flowers she wants!