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Saturday, May 05, 2012

'My 3 now!"

Today is Lexi's birthday and as she told us this morning, 'My three now'!!! She was so excited! What made it all that much sweeter is that exactly a week ago, last Saturday, we celebrated her 'pretend' third birthday! Since it was only a week away and we never get to be there for the girls' birthdays, we decided to pretend it was.
We started by baking cupcakes, and of course Lexi wanted to help.
Lexi is such a sweet girl, and she gets right in there and does her share.
She was so excited that we were making cupcakes.....she could hardly wait to put the icing on!
The girls convinced Darin that he should help them do it(we thought they still needed to cool off) Lexi wanted white and pink and purple! So Daddy mixed up the colors, put the icing on the cupcakes and then the girls put on the sparkles.
Of course we had to eat them almost right away....but first we needed to light the candles and sing Happy Birthday....
.....and then, time to blow them out! And they were sooooo delicious! It was so much fun.

One of the neat things about this last trip was seeing Lexi's personality taking shape. She is feisty, and a great big sister...she loves playing with Bria and Caily, and is definitely a bit of a dare-devil....she climbed up this rope ladder in the playground while we all held our breath!
Happy third Birthday sweet Lexi Lou!! You told me the day we left, 'My going to miss you'.....My is missing you too sweetheart! Hope you had an awesome birthday today.


Anneliese said...

You got to bake cupcakes with your sweeties! I can hardly believe it! =) What's more fun than making something you can eat? I've often said, "three is my favorite age!"

Darin and Jody said...

I love all the moments you captured of Lexi! Such a sweetheart and nearly impossible for me to get good pictures of :)