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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

What Would Jesus Do, Really?

The birds are singing outside, the wind chimes are making beautiful music in the wind, and here inside I have this beautiful bouquet on my counter top reminding me that last week was our 37 wedding anniversary(pretty amazing isn't it?) But I am exhausted.

Do you ever feel that way? After fighting through the night with a lingering cough(do you call it that when you have had it for 4 months? There might be a better word for it.....) I am exhausted today. I have days like that(well sometimes weeks because of the fibromyalgia and arthritis) but because of this cough it seems like there have been a lot more of them these past months.

As I struggled to get my work done, I stopped and thought, 'what would Jesus do, really?'

Would he just struggle on, plow through the emails and projects, regardless of the fatigue? Or would he go away to the mountain and spend some quiet time with his Heavenly Father away from the crowds and demands(read emails and projects)?

Would he keep healing, keep teaching? or would he lay down in the bottom of the boat and take a nap even though the storm was raging around him?

These are my questions today....questions without answers. What do you think? Should I keep trying to get the work done(with very low efficiency I might add)? or Should I turn off the computer and just take a long afternoon's nap?

I don't really have the answer, but I do wonder. As we get older our energy levels are less and so we must make choices. How do we choose how to spend our time? When do we say enough is enough? I would love to hear your thoughts my readers....take some time to comment. I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are on this one....really!


Rosie said...

Doris, I'm so sorry you have that cough and I know you don't get much rest when your sleep is broken up like that.
I'm going to be 72 (yikes) in a week or so and I know my energy level is way low. I try to eat right...get at least 7 hrs sleep at night and still I find myself dozing off around 3pm each day.
I think Jesus listened to His body..when to pray, when to teach, when to rest, when to leave the crowds behind. I think we should take His example. He fine tuned our brains..and our bodies so that we could be aware of how to take care of them.
Perhaps you are pushing yourself too much, my dear friend. Listen to your body. Turn that computer off and go take a nice long nap. You will feel so much better. Love you and miss you.

Beck's Bulletin said...

Thanks for leaving your comment Rosie! I do really appreciate hearing from you! Now that I have put my dinner in the oven I think I will follow your advice and take a nap!! :-) Thank you my friend!

Anonymous said...

Dear Doris so sorry to hear that you are feeling this way today. I think the expectations we place on ourselves are far higher than others expect and we do push ourselves to far to often. Jesus didn't have to cope with emails and mobile phones and constant demands. Maybe that is why he chose the first century to come and not the twenty first! He took time to be with his Father first and foremost and rested when he needed to. So take time to rest. The Spanish have it right with a mid day siesta! So pretend you are Spanish for a week or two! As for the cough I had a persistent one while working in an air conditioned environment. Constant doctor checks and xrays showed nothing as the cause, but now I am away from the cough! Hugs to you. Anne

Anonymous said...

Doris,I'm sorry you are going through this difficult time with the cough on top of the fibromyalgia and arthritis.
I believe Jesus knew when to rest and get alone with God...probably before he got overwhelmed.
I personally believe you should take a rest anytime you feel this way.
I hope you're able to rest today and at night as well.
By the way Happy Anniversary to you and Dave!

Lana said...

Well-said, Doris. The tension is compelling, isn't it? I struggle with it everyday. I see it in Noelle when we do our schoolwork. Sometimes there's a third alternative - a short nap/rest improves productivity dramatically! (as that link you posted last month said.) You are not alone! Often I get work dOne much faster after I rest, so I'd side with the rest side on this one.

that's us... said...

Such a good question, Doris. I'm glad you have shared this today---and I hope that nap brought strength to your body and soul!
I've wrestled with this stuff a lot lately-the tug between being involved in lots of great things, just resting at God's feet, spending relaxed time with my family, much good stuff out there, and instead of just jumping on the next opportunity of a good thing, I'm asking God for His best for me right now, trying to listen closely to Him. I pray you find the right balance God has for you- and that you get rid of that cough!

Beck's Bulletin said...

You are so right Lana and Theresa...and the question isn't just for us 'old' folks, but you young moms too. Where is your focus? on performance, or relationship? that's the question to ask!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments!

Anneliese said...

Naps are great! I know I often felt guilty or embarrassed to admit I needed one when I was a young mom... but they got me through the day. Twenty minutes .. I set the timer and it worked wonders. Just enough to forget the world and not feel drunk when you wake up. Not that I know what that feels like. =)