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Monday, June 04, 2012

Rescue in the Rain

 It's rainy here these days and I just had to perform a rescue in the rain the other day. You see my peonies were in full bloom and the flowers were getting so heavy with the water that I was afraid the stalks would break right off.
 So I picked the five biggest flowers and cut them off for a bouquet inside.... can still see the rain drops on the petals of this one.

 Oh and over by the sink were the remains of last week's bouquet of Irises that Dave cut from our plants and brought in from me! I love summer and the beautiful flowers that are growing all around us.

The peonies weren't the only rescue that happened in the rain. As we were out walking, we saw a mother duck attempting to cross the busy road with her tiny ducklings. We watched in horror as the cars, oblivious to the drama that was happening, rushed by. I couldn't bare to see these tiny ones run out I ran, stopping traffic and trying to encourage Momma Duck to take her ducklings back where it was safe.

At first she wasn't too sure...and neither were the babies. But then she realized I guess that just maybe I knew what was best and she should head back to the creek.   As I continued to herd them across the road, one got away from the rest and tried in vain to jump back up onto the curb. I had to chase it and then gently hold it in my hand and help it up. I stayed and watched as it found it's way back to it's mother through the dense underbrush. Momma stood quietly quacking so it could follow her voice until they were reunited.

We were so relieved when they all made it back to the park, and disaster had been averted. And I just had to often does my Heavenly Father see me attempting something that is not only dangerous but not in my best interests. I am so sure...and yet, He knows better. I plead, and beg and complain because I don't get the answer I want......and He gently picks me up and puts me back where I am safe, where I belong, where I need to be.......Thank you Lord, for loving me enough to rescue me in the rain!


Karin said...

Love your rescue stories! My heart always stops when I see the geese and ducks and their offspring trying to cross a busy road. Around Chilliwack I think I've seen goose crossing signs!! Those peonies are stunning! Great photos!

Anneliese said...

Hey,you were the brave rescuer! Holding up traffic for those little ducklings and making sure they crossed over .. .while I had no idea what to do and just breathed a sigh of relief when all were safe.