We are on a journey, sojourners on this earth. Let us share with you the highs and lows of our lives. Heaven is a sweeter place now that we have two beautiful granddaughters waiting there for us.

Monday, July 02, 2012


 Some days you just need to have a different perspective on the everyday things of life.
 Something that looks ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary, a thing of beauty.
 The end of the road suddenly turns into a bend in the road.
A closed door shows itself beside an open window.

How many times to we get stuck in our thinking because we always look at things with the same perspective?
Halle loves looking at the world upside down and it just made me stop and think.
Maybe I just need to have a new perspective on the challenges in my life and see them instead as possibilities!!


Anneliese said...

So cute! Now the question is.. can you do that? I want to see your head on the grounds looking through your legs. =) Sure stretches some unused muscles.. I tried it. All I can say is that my upper part is shorter than the waist and down. Makes for an interesting sprawl.

Karin said...

She's just adorable and even at her teaching some valuable life lessons!! I'm definitely not fit, but am quite flexible enough to bend further down than most. But honestly that would never in a million years make such a lovely photo!!! ROTFLOL!!!

On This Rock said...

What a cute little munchkin!