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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun in the Pool

One of the reasons we wanted to go back to Texas this summer was because the girls and I love swimming together so much. Fortunately Darin and Jody have a couple of friends from church that have beautiful pools in the backyards! And we got to enjoy them several times during our time there.
It was fun to see how much Caily and Lexi had improved in their swimming since last summer when they were both still unsure of themselves without their lifejackets. 
This year Caily and I even swam lengths of the pool together! So much fun!!
Everyone in the Miles Family enjoys the water!
Caily and Lexi even enjoyed jumping off the Diving Board. 
They would dive off and swim to whoever was there to catch them.
Didn't really matter which adult was there, it was more just about jumping in and having fun! They are even learning to dive!
Bria wasn't all sure about the water at first, especially when her sisters where splashing her.
Eventually she decided it wasn't bad as long as no one splashed or got water in her face.

It won't be too long before she will be swimming like her sisters! I can hardly wait! So much fun!
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Anneliese said...

That is one amazing back yard pool! I wonder who had more fun ... you or the girlies?