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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Six Year Old!!! Happy Birthday Aidan!

It's hard to believe that you are six years old already! It doesn't seem like that long ago that your Auntie Heather got the phone call at the office that you were on your way and we had to go home.When we got the call that you had arrived we all rushed to the hospital to meet you for the first time and it was love at first site. You made us Pa and Mimi....what an incredible blessing!

From the start your smiles made us laugh! You were such a chubby little baby and had a personality even then. We couldn't get enough of your smiles and I almost stood on my head trying to capture them in pictures!

You loved balls right from very early on.

You grew from a cute baby into a little boy with a sense of adventure.....

...whether a walk in the park by our house or a trip to the beach!

Your Daddy taught you ever kind of sport and this summer for the first time you had other coaches to teach you to play baseball and now soccer. You are so much like your Daddy you know...he loved sports too, playing them, watching them, learning everything about them. And like him and your Auntie Heather and Mimi, you are an information love to learn, whether it is all the flags of the countries in the olympics or the names of some strange animal.
I love this picture of you right after you scored a goal in soccer because it shows your enthusiasm for life! Aidan you are incredible gift to our family and we love you very, very much.

Happy Birthday 6 year old! This fall you will be entering Grade 1 and I can hardly wait to hear all about it!
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Anneliese said...

Happy Birthday, Aidan! Wishing you (and your Mimi) many more adventures in this coming year.