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Thursday, September 13, 2012


On Saturday while the rest of the world enjoyed another beautiful September day outside, Dave and I were in our storage room(which those of you that know our house know how huge it is!!) Over the years it has stored all sorts of wonderful special things.....special things that are not going to get moved when we sell this house.And so we are getting rid of 'Stuff', hundreds of pounds of stuff when you add it all up!(I kind of wish I had weighed every bag, now that would have been an interesting number, well into the second thousand by now I do believe).

Some just gets thrown in large black garbage bags, some goes into recycling, books go to the bookstore so I can buy more books with the credit, and lots goes to our local thrift store. But today a whole load went to the dump!

Oh it was all special in it's day..
....the painting chair(not sure how we ended up with two that were full of paint)
....the bike that Dave rode when we biked the Stanley Park Seawall as a family(hasn't been ridden in 20 years)
.....the tapes our children loved listening to on long car rides across the prairies to see family
.....and so much more.

There are so many memories, so much laughter in the walls, but we keep wondering outloud why we saved all of it. We have so much 'stuff' and we aren't alone in that. We are surrounded by people whose garages are full not with their automobiles, but the stuff that doesn't fit into the house. And on top of that some still rent storage lockers to store more stuff that they don't use every  day.

But here at our house we  are purging, sorting, cleaning out closets, cupboards and even entire rooms!! And  it is kind of fun to be getting rid of sooooo much stuff,most of which as my wise hubby says, we won't even remember because we didn't know we still had it!!!

It has also made us stop and think about why we here in North America feel like we need to keep buying more and more stuff. We are committed to keeping some closets empty for guests when they come. Not every one needs to be plum full to the top. Lots to think about during these days of waiting.....

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Anneliese said...

I feel with you on the good feeling of getting rid of stuff. I like the idea that every time we buy something, we get rid of at least the same amount ... maybe more. A guide I'm trying out.