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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Most Amazing Day

We are enjoying the most beautiful weather for the last week of summer here at the coast so we decided to take advantage of it today and head out to White Rock after church.
After a delicious lunch of Fish and Chips at our favorite restaurant, Moby Dick's, we headed off on our was so beautiful out!
 Aidan had lots to tell me so he dropped back and talked for a while.
He's growing up in such a hurry and is excited to be in Grade 1 and have the best teacher in the whole world(his words). We made plans for this Friday when he is out of school while the teachers and teacher aides like his Daddy and Mommy have a professional development day.
 Trying to stop these energetic boys long enough for a family picture is no small feat.
And then we were off again....I love this picture of father and son, deep in conversation as they walked along the pier.
The goal was to find some grabs down in the water.....apparently the last time when they were there without us they had seen lots of all eyes were peeled!
We even found a couple of them...amazing how big they were!
 With that goal met, it was off to the next one....Ice Cream, actually gelato! Even better.
I had to capture this picture of the Saturday morning breakfast club as we started walking back to the car. Dave started taking Aidan to Tim Horton's on Saturday mornings for breakfast when he was barely 2.....look at them now!

 Somehow they boys always end up getting carried as they neared the car...but so much fun!
The day wasn't over yet because Aidan had invited us to watch 'The Turtle Journey' with him on Netflix(they watched it the day before and it really was amazing...following the life of a Loggerhead Sea Turtle, an amazing story of God's creation)
 God's creation truly is amazing when you think of how it all works together.......
....and today we got to enjoy it with our 'near' grands....what a blessing!

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Anneliese said...

What a "grand" day! So nice to have these kind of days with fmaily nearby.