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Friday, December 28, 2012

Welcome to our New Home

A few of you have been asking for some pictures of our new house, so I thought that now that we have finished round 1 of renovating and decorating for Christmas I would give you a bit of a tour. Welcome to our new home! We love it here.
Come right in and look around.
The Living Room and Dining Room as all one long room, much like in our old house. It looks out into our backyard.
And we have a Fireplace!! It's two sided so opens into both our Living Room and the Den.
The Den is off both the kitchen and the living room and is our favorite place to sit and talk or just read.
Heather came down and starting repainting the entire place. I love my yellow kitchen.(view from the den)
Our Kitchen even has a little breakfast nook.
....and a brand new tile backsplash that we love!
And of course we have a guest room that is just waiting for our friends to visit.
With a bathroom just steps away.
I love the way our bedroom turned out.....
....complete with a huge ensuite and jacuzzi tub which I have yet to try out! But maybe during the holidays I will finally get a chance to see how it works.
There is the basement as well but it is still in need of paint and some other finishing touches....but here you go! I glimpse of our new home...feel free to come and visit!


Lindsay said...

It's beautiful!

DebraEstelle Tunney said...

Now this is a beautiful home. So happy for you.

Debi Tunney

Karin said...

And I thought you were down-sizing! This looks huge and very lovely I might add!

Anneliese said...

Loved the tour! It looks beautiful over there!

christy said...

if you have not tried out your tub I suggest before you have one to fill it with water and some bleach and turn the jets on. We didn't do this when we first bought our house and after our little one at 18 months kept getting bladder infections we realized they had not been cleaned in who knows how long. First time turning the jets on our tub was full of chucks of black mold:( SO GROSS!! Even if you don't use the jets you have to keep running water and cleaner through them every so often:) Maybe this is common sense to some but we learnt the hard way. Your house is gorgeous nad I love the color of your bedroom

Abdul said...

Looks classy! Congratulations on your new house! My favorite part is the den. “Me time” is perfect in that part of the house. You said that you did the decorating, but it looks like it was done by a professional interior designer. How is the stay so far? I hope your family is having a great time there. Cheers!

Abdul Jackson