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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Candy Man

Earlier this week we drove down to the coast to visit Dave's Mom who spends a couple of months down here in Texas to get away from the cold Minnesota winter. We decided to head over to Mustang Island for the day and of course we had to stop at the 'Candy Man'......
We were first introduced to his store when we visited Dave's parents in Texas on Jamie's spring break while attending Bible School in March 1996 since we thought that might be our one chance to visit Texas!! Who knew what the future held?!
On subsequent trips our girls visited Grandpa and Grandma when they too attended His Hill Bible College and each time they went over to the island and made the obligatory stop at the 'Candy Man'.
The girls were so excited to have their pictures taken outside but once we walked through the door their eyes just about popped out!!!! So much candy all in one place!
 Each one got a little bag and had to make the tough decisions about what to put in them.
 Bria had to be restrained....of course!!
This entire lighthouse was made of candy!!! So much fun...and what a fun visit, with another generation...this time Grandma was there with her great-granddaughters!!


Heather said...

Yum, I want to be there right now :)

Beck's Bulletin said...

I thought of you, Heather, when we were there....all those gummy worms and jelly bellies!