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Friday, February 15, 2013

Visiting Grandma GiGi

It was so much fun watching our granddaughters interact with their Great-Grandmother, or Grandma GiGi to them. Although they only get to see her once a year, they didn't take anytime at all to warm up to her which is such a blessing.
Of course she is always excited to see them as well as seeing her son(I think I sort of come along for the ride :-)
She is a great sport and at almost 88 years of age still enjoys a game of cards or dominoes. Caily wanted to learn how to play too and quickly caught on while Lexi and I shared a hand.
Bria thought she was pretty wonderful too and came out with some lotion for her to put on her feet. We just had to chuckle at that but she just loved her Grandma Gigi and showed her how she could climb(and climb she does!)
 But the one that really has a soft spot in her heart for her Grandma GiGi is Lexi...
....who told us as we drove away that 'she was sad because Grandma was sad when we left' and that 'maybe she could come and live with us Mommy' so she wouldn't have to be alone. Oh from the heart of a three year old!
It was a very special visit indeed and we were both blessed and thankful to be able to spend the time together!

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Anneliese said...

So great that you could meet up with Dave's mom! Love all the smiles form her and the girls. They know that she is pretty special.