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Friday, April 05, 2013

The Games We Play

As grandparents we love playing a variety of games with our grandchildren. It really isn't that much different than when our own children were young. In fact some of the games are the Hungry Hippo which is one of Kai and Halle's favorites. :-) So much so that Halle loves to just play with it all by herself.
Over the years we used to have different games that were the 'flavor of the month or the year'. From Old Maid and Uno when the children were small, to Boggle, Monopoly, Life or even once they were married, Poker, we spent hours as a family playing games together and just enjoying one another's company. Which is what made me realize how valuable it is to play games with our grandchildren as they grow older.
On Saturday we spent the day with Aidan and Jaxon. When we got there Aidan had already started a game of Risk with Jamie so I took over. Little did I realize that I was already set up to lose big time while Aidan literally took over the world!! He's only 6 but he already understands how the game works!! And he was so excited as you can tell from the picture.
Jamie and Megan have a great supply of games that the boys enjoy playing.
They teach them everything from their colors(that would be Candyland, another one of Kai and Jaxon's favorites), to counting, how to think through strategy, how to be good losers, and how to be even better winners.
And we get to spend lots of time together and have great laughs while making wonderful memories!
Later on in the day we played a simplified version of Ticket to Ride, an adult game that Jamie has revised for little men like Aidan and now Jaxon to play.(we play just one route at a time if anyone wants to know what we do)

Aidan beat Jaxon and I(he had the black trains) but we had so much fun! I'm looking forward to Sunday Dinner. Hopefully they will bring Ticket to Ride along. If not, we can always play Uno or Dominoes after we finish eating!

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Anneliese said...

Beautiful re-decorating here! I thought I was on someone else's blog at first!
Your grandkids are lucky to learn to play games and enjoy them so much. Such a great way to spend time together rather than seeing them play on the ipad or phone.