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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Great Gift Ideas

As a parent I was always looking for educational toys that traveled well! After all, with our parents living far away, we did a lot of flying and cross-country driving with our children. As grandparents not much has changed! Which is why I thought I would write this post for any of you grandparents out there that are looking for a great gift idea. This is the 'boy' version of these Melissa & Doug Puzzles in a box, but I know our Texas Sweethearts also have a different set that is just as wonderful.
They come in a little box which keeps the four sets of pieces separated, so that they are easy to store or stick into a back pack for a car or plane ride. And the kids just love doing them!! So if you looking for a great gift this spring and summer for your grands....check these out!

And come back on Friday when I will feature some of the games we like to play with our grandchildren in case you are looking for some gift ideas for your children or grandchildren this spring and summer.

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Bobbie said...

My grandkids love puzzles too, great idea!