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Monday, May 06, 2013


With both Jamie and Megan working in the Schools, at the beginning of the year they gave me the dates for all of their Professional Development Days(work for them, but days off for the students) to see if I could watch the boys on those days. They give me a rare chance to be alone with these two energetic boys so in light of my current low energy state, I decided to plan ahead for the last one.

When they arrived in the morning I was still making my breakfast, so Jaxon decided to show Aidan all the books that we have been reading lately along with the library books that we had taken out the week before. To his delight, Aidan actually read his favorite book to him(while I smiled and listened from the kitchen).
Our next stop was the library where Jaxon showed Aidan around. After all, he was the pro at this since we have been going there every Monday. Once we finished there we headed to downtown Abbotsford where we stopped in at TracyCakes Cafe for cupcakes. The boys were so excited about the large selection and that they got to drink their Cream Soda out of fancy glasses and straws.
Back at home we barely had time to put the library book bag into the house and we were off again, this time to the school just by our house with the awesome playground. The sun was shining so we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day.
Aidan has definitely conquered the rings but Jaxon needs a bit of help! :-) It won't be long before he can do them on his own as well.
 From the school yard we had to go on 'an adventure' as Jaxon likes to call it, a walk in the woods.......trying to get a picture of the two of them was quite the challenge...Aidan is definitely the more serious one(worried about poison leaves) while Jaxon is all about the moment and enjoying every single one.
.....but you get the idea! :-) After I took this picture Aidan asked me if we could just walk and not take any more pictures! (I had to chuckle at that request). I put my phone in my pocket and off we many fun memories.

The rest of the day went by fast and before we knew it, Megan was there picking them up! They had lots to tell her and I was definitely ready for a nap!

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