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Friday, May 03, 2013

Passport to Adventure

Let me introduce you to one of the new things that I carry in my's a passport to adventure, otherwise known as a library card! :-) With more time to read and people recommending books to me, I decided to check out our local library. My first discovery was that my card was an antique(in other words, it didn't work anymore) and I wasn't even in the system. So they issued me a brand new card. Now I could download online ebooks or check them out at the library.
A couple of weeks ago I had a book that was due so Jaxon and I decided to return it on a Mimi Monday. Well, once we were there, he had so many questions and his eyes were as big as saucers!! Books, books, books everywhere....He slowly walked through the children's stacks, touching all the books on display. We just had to take some home with us(good thing Mimi had thought of this possibility beforehand and brought along a big bag to put them in). At first I told him we could take 5 books out.
But as you can see, we didn't stop at 5!! We ended up with 10 in our bag(he would have wanted more) but I thought reading 10 books that afternoon would probably be enough.
 We even found an entire section of children's videos! He was so excited!
But sometimes the books you find are books that Mimi already has at home, like this one which is definitely one of my favorite all time children's books. Well he wanted me to read it right there in the library, so we sat down on the carpet and read it. When he asked me to read it again, I reminded him that we had it at home and could go back to my house to read it. Well that's exactly what we did. He ran to take off his shoes and then to the shelf to find it......We had to read it two times before we even started the other books!
I'll love you forever,
I 'll like you for always,
As long as you're living,
Your Mimi I'll be......

That's not exactly how the last page of the book reads,  but when I read it to my grandchildren, that's how I read it....and it always makes us all smile! :-)

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Earle Expedition said...

I LOVE the library. Even our small one in Cremona. The best thing about our library is there are no late fees and our membership doesn't cost anything and no books to clutter up the shelf!