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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Underwater Adventure

 We had planned this day for several weeks. We were going to take Jaxon along with Kai and Halle to the Vancouver Aquarium to have a day of underwater adventure. He loves everything about nature, and with Aidan in school, this was a good chance to load up our back seat and set off. Needless to say they were very excited!!
 Jaxon and Kai are always buddies, but for today we told them that they had hold hands wherever they went. Halle on the other hand just wanted to climb closer so she could see better!
 And there was so much to see. At the first tank Kai exclaimed, 'This is amazing!'
 Trying to get a picture of the three of them was no small task...
 ...when looking the other direction was so much more exciting!
 There were school buses full of other children there so these three had to push their way closer to the action...
...but somehow Halle always got to the front!
After a lunch break we had time for a few more displays.
The giant Sea Turtle, Sea Otters, Beluga Whales and Seals were all fun to watch from both the top of their tanks to the underwater viewing area.
And of course this grandma is always the teacher when it comes to all things science(I guess that Science Degree still comes in handy some days). All in all it was a fun day making memories, something all of us will not soon forget!


Bobbie said...

Such fun!!

Heather said...

Love all the pics! The kids sure had fun ... Kai was relieving the aquarium tonight while I was putting him to bed :)