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Friday, June 14, 2013

Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

One of our goals during these summer months is to explore some of the places within driving distance of our home, some of which we have never visited in the over 30 years we have lived in this area. One of those is only 30 minutes from here, the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve.
It's right up against the mountains, on the Vedder River.
We started in the Visitor Center...
...where we were amazed by the display of British Columbia wildlife.
We both commented several times how much our grandchildren would enjoy seeing the animals.
The wetland habitat is the breeding ground to the Great Blue Heron.
Everywhere we looked we could see these magnificent birds.

There are well-groomed paths and bridges...
...easily walked by young and old alike.
Of course I always notice the wildflowers along the path.
In an old grove of cottonwood trees are the actual nesting colony, one of the largest in the Lower Mainland with over 150 nests!!
How many nests can you find in the following picture?
We were held in awe as we watched an eagle go hunting...
...and then fly right over our heads with his prey in his claws.
Needless to say that left the heron parents on high alert in their nests.
Definitely a worthwhile drive on a sunny afternoon...
and a great place to catch a few rays as these wood ducks were doing!

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ramblin'andie said...

One of our family's favorite places! And the Rotary Trail is a great place for little people to take their bikes too.