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Friday, July 12, 2013

Westminster Abbey

Not to be confused with London's Westminster Abbey, we have our very own Westminster Abbey just a few minutes from us. Set high up on the hill it is surrounded by mountains, meadows and rolling hills.
It is home to 30 Benedictine monks as well as the home of Christ the King Seminary for high school and college age boys which on the day we decided to visit were packing their earthly belongings into their parents cars in the parking lot! It was neat to see everyone visiting and saying goodbye. It must have been a good year!
 The Abbey church is beautiful both on the outside and the inside.
 The trails that led down the hill couldn't be resisted so we took a stroll...
...past a beautiful meadow of buttercups in bloom... a bluff overlooking the Fraser River and the Matsqui Flats.
The view was magnificent!!!
As we followed another trail back up to the Abbey we got a different view of the Bell Tower up ahead.
The Bell Tower Carillon plays at regular hours although somehow we didn't manage to be there when it rang out.

As we walked behind the dorms we got still another view of the bell tower and the valley beyond and marveled at these serene grounds!
Definitely a great stop on a Saturday afternoon!

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Anneliese said...

So glad you finally made it up there! =)