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Friday, September 20, 2013

More Family Time

 One last post about our amazing Labour Day Weekend(and yes, for our American Friends, that is how we spell it up here in Canada).
 Sunday we had planned to take Oma and Opa to White Rock and show them our favorite places.
 After lunch at Moby Dick's we always walk down the boardwalk along the train tracks...when the train comes by it is very loud as you can tell!!
 The weather was spectacular and perfect for our walk along the water.
 Kai wanted to 'touch' the big white rock.
 I love this picture!! One of the crabs they were watching walked under the pier so Jaxon and Halle decided to try to see it through the boards.
 Of course we have to stop at Dolce Gelato before we head back to the car.
 We ended the day by heading back to our house to have a 'joint' birthday party for Aidan who had just turned 7 the week before and Halle(turning 2 the next week) and Kai(turning 4 later in the month).
Oh what fun it is to be a Grandma....I can hardly wait for Christmas to have the other four on the same couch with these four!

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The W's said...

I love seeing pictures of you and your family! Always such great adventures :)