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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On the Other Side

Earlier this week we heard that Dave's cousin's son who was only 7 years old, died of brain cancer. He went from the arms of his earthly father into the arms of his Heavenly Father. What an incredible picture!
As I thought about it on Monday morning as I sat by the fire and looked out into the fog outside, I couldn't help but think about the most amazing rainbow that we saw a couple of weeks ago outside of our kitchen window.
 Not only was it a double rainbow, but it stretched from one side of the sky to the other.
 The darker the sky grew, the more vibrant the colors were.
Without the hope that we will see Connor again in heaven, we would be grieving without any hope. We would be overwhelmed with grief.

But instead we know that this life here on earth is only very short and that we begin our eternal lives when we ask Jesus into our lives. For this young boy, he is living in eternity forever with God!! How amazing is that?! He is enjoying the incredible beauty of seeing Jesus face to face. The darker life got here on earth, the brighter heaven was......

Goodbye Connor! We will see soon!

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Anneliese said...

I'm sorry to read this here! His journey ended so soon! I pray the Lord comforts his dear family with the comfort that only He can give.