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Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Skater in the Making

It's hard to believe that just 5 days ago I was standing on the soccer field in my capris and tank top, watching both Caily and Lexi playing soccer in Texas. Today we drove up here to visit Matt and Heather for the long weekend and arrived in the snow in time to watch Kai's skating lesson. He was soooo excited to have us there.
 Not to be outdone, Halle wanted to try skating for her second time as well.
This was Kai's third lesson and he wanted to practice before the actual lesson started.
 At first Heather tried to help Halle...
 ...but then she decided that I should be the one to help her although she really would have preferred to do it on her own! But the ice is just so slippery!!!
Kai started out taking very small steps but he made huge progress by the end. It was so much fun to watch him(in spite of getting cold!!)
What a delight it was to watch these little skaters in the making! Almost made me wish I still had my figure skates. :-)


Bobbie said...

Thanks for sharing with us...true "skaters in the making"!

Earle Expedition said...

Connor is taking lessons for the first time this year to. Every day he asks me if it is a skating day. He loves it.

Anneliese said...

You are living the good life! I am smiling! Okay... but to be honest, I know you love that rink way more than I would. I'd be shivering on the sidelines. Not such a good sport as you are.