We are on a journey, sojourners on this earth. Let us share with you the highs and lows of our lives. Heaven is a sweeter place now that we have two beautiful granddaughters waiting there for us.

Monday, November 11, 2013


We had a great extended long weekend visiting our northern sweethearts in the land of ice and snow.  Friday morning when we got up it was snowing again, just enough to make everything look like a winter wonderland.

We had so much fun, enjoying hugs and kisses, playing with the train set, with play doh, reading books, and even playing outside once the sun came out.

But underneath the fun, I was I knew Heather was too. I was remembering another Remembrance Day long weekend, 6 years ago already.  A weekend filled with plans for the addition of a set of twins to our growing family. But God had other plans and our beautiful twin granddaughters, Avery and Sophie were born still that Monday night.

Heaven became more real, more dear now that our two precious granddaughters were there. I miss you little sweethearts and Remembrance Day will always be filled with thoughts of you. We love your little brother and sister, and they fill our lives with joy. But that doesn't mean that we have forgotten you.

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Anneliese said...

I pray God continues to comfort and let His love be felt in spite of the painful loss. God has not replaced the loss in Kai and Halle but He has kept on giving. As they grow older, may their awareness of having two sisters in heaven bless them in ways we will not comprehend while here on earth.
Hugs to you on your own remembrance day.