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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter with a Hint of Spring

Some days are just too beautiful not to share!
 After three days of snow(yup that's right, it snowed for three days straight here at the coast in February!) today is the most beautiful, sunny, warm(6 Celsius which translates to 43 F) day
and I just had to share.
 The snow is melting of course but it still looks kind of wintery by our standards at least(not by the standards of the rest of the continent that we are told is in the midst of another 'polar vortex' which translates cold!)
 ...and Mt Baker looms snow-covered in the distance.
 But if you look on the south side of the street, the snow is almost all gone except for the occassional snow fort or snowman on green grass with the tips of the spring bulbs peeking through(tulips on this picture).
 And there on the north side, even in the snow the crocuses are poking through...
 ...thankful for the sunshine after the last three blustery days.
So yes, we may have felt like we had winter these past three days, 
but it's definitely with a hint of spring!


Miss Debbie said...

Pretty contrast...the flowers against the snow!

Earle Expedition said...

So JEALOUS. I wish we could experience a taste of spring right now. The calves are helping but it isn't the same as flowers and grass. You capture such great photos of new life.