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Monday, March 24, 2014

Palm Springs - The Gift of Time

We've been home a week now but we have wonderful memories of our time in Palm Springs and won't forget it any time soon!
The opportunity was truly an incredible gift of time from good friends, time to just enjoy relaxing together as we stayed on the edge of a golf course in a warm, sunny location.
A highlight for me of course was the time that I got to spend at the pool, just a short walk away.
Dave doesn't enjoy the water so it's a gift of his time when he patiently sits poolside while I swim my lengths, day after day.
Not only did I have time to swim almost every day, there was also time to just sit in the sun and read, another one of my favourite ways to spend my time(Dave sat under the umbrella beside me).
Several times throughout the week we had to pinch we were, enjoying time together under the palm trees. In a relationship, the gift of time is probably the greatest gift we can give one another. Time to talk and time to be still.
We enjoyed driving our Rental Car and exploring places we had never been to before. We love driving....whether a 6 1/2 hour trip up north to see our northern family, 
or in the middle of the desert to see friends in Arizona. It's time just for us.
And at the end of the day, we enjoyed watching the sun go down over the mountains.

We talked about how we have no guarantees in life. 
All we have is, right now
and so we enjoyed this time,

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Miss Debbie said...

Sounds wonderful! Good for you!!