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Friday, June 27, 2014

Making Memories That Last

 As we pulled into the Tim Horton's parking lot Dave mentioned how this brought back memories. 
"Memories"? I asked.
"Yes, memories....this is where I brought Aidan for Saturday morning donuts when I first started and they lived on the other side of town"

Which got me thinking about how we as grandparents are intentionally working at making memories that last for and with our grandchildren.
Almost every Saturday morning that we are in town,
Dave sets his alarm and drives over to pick up Aidan and Jaxon,
and together they head to Tim Horton's for breakfast.

The boys look forward to the time,
and they literally talk about everything under the sun!
And when Kai and Halle come to town,
they get to go too!

While Dave spends time with the boys on Saturday mornings
I get time when they have a day off school 
and their parents both have to work.

Like the day I took this picture in front of the 100 year old 
Clayburn Village Store.
The boys were so excited to be able to each get a paper bag
and pick out the candy that they wanted.
Another thing that we do is to take each of the boys on a date for their Birthday...
 and go mini-golfing and out for dinner after.
 Jaxon was excited to go on the Jungle Course...
 (excuse the quality of the pictures but it was really dark in there...
 (but we had lots of fun just the same).
 His choice for dinner was MacDonalds so off we went.
 There were lots of giggles and another year of memories that he will remind us of throughout the year ahead.
 Intentionally making memories, that's what we are about.

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Miss Debbie said...

Hope we re doing the same with our grands! Having "Grand Camp" with our 7 yr old grandson this week. I will e posting about it soon! Fun...and exhausting!! ha! ha!