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Monday, December 22, 2014

A Very Wilde Christmas

 Probably the most favorite day of my parent's Christmas is the day they have all of their children and grandchildren together for our "Wilde" Christmas gathering.
There were just two girls in our family, and my sister lives just 30 minutes away.
From a family of four we multiplied to 31 of us when we are altogether! Crazy!
A year ago we were all together, however this year our girls and their families were missing.
Since they couldn't be with us, I thought I would take some pictures so they could 'see' the cousins....
Steve and Jess and their three kidlets...
Ashley and Josh...
Oma with little Ezra who was the center of attention!
Jeremy, Chelsea and Ezra
Opa and Ezra
The table was full in the dining room
so we put the youngsters in the kitchen! 
They were delighted to have their own party.
These second cousins had a blast together.
Our Coat Rack was definitely full!
The two brothers-in-law solve the world problems! :-)
Aidan was quite smitten with his youngest second cousin. 
It's always amazing to see how gentle he is with the littlest ones.

It was a fun evening,
but we were missing a few of the cousins...
...missed you our Northerners and our Texans
along with cousin Jon.


Anneliese said...

Fun to see your family together like that! Amazing to think that from a family of four there are now 31!

Karin said...

Lovely photos Doris!! Great family fun!