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Monday, December 01, 2014

Kiwi Crates

 December 1st today and I know that there are many Moms and Grandmas out there looking for Christmas gifts for the 'littles' in their lives so decided to share this with all of you.
 If you haven't heard of 'Kiwi Crates' let me introduce you.....
 .....they are activity kits that you can order online for specific age groups and for given intervals that then come in the mail.
They arrive in a box, complete with great instructions, all material included for a couple of crafts to do with your children on a certain theme.
 Can you guess what the theme of this Crate was?
 Yup...a Wild West theme!
 Halle and I made the 'horse' .....
 ....while Heather and Kai put the bean bags together for the 'Bean Bag Rodeo Toss'.
 The kids had so much fun...both with the game.....
 .....and with the horse.
And if that wasn't enough fun, there is a whole booklet that comes along with each theme with more things to make and things to do.
Check it out! Our grands love these and they are easy to order here at and are even have a cyber Monday sale on today!!

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