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Monday, January 19, 2015

Never Too Cold

Although it felt like spring here today, Heather sent me this picture last week reminding me that elsewhere it is still definitely winter! So incredibly beautiful too!
 It also reminded me that for our northern grands, it is never too cold to go outside and enjoy themselves, whether it is shoveling snow...
 ...or going for evening quad rids with Daddy!
 And yes, it was very cold!!!
 They love going for a walk in the snow too... you can see from the expression on this little girl's face.
 Who cares if there is snow on all the playground equipment?!
 Not this boy!
 Slides are even more fun with lots of snow on them.
 And Halle, well she is in there like a dirty shirt.
 The snow was perfect for making snow angels...
 ...for climbing snow mountains
 and for being king of the mountain!
 I love the fact that I captured this hunk of snow in flight...

 Halle found her very own 'snow chair'.
 For these two it's never too cold to have fun outside.

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