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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Harrison Hot Springs

Last weekend we took the weekend to go away and celebrate the 40th anniversary of our engagement!! Yes, I know! How romantic! It's all my husband's doing...he insisted that this was a milestone that we needed to celebrate and I am so glad he did. What a beautiful setting to reflect on God's amazing faithfulness over the past 40 years!
 I had never stayed at the resort so this was something new to look forward to. The lake and the mountains behind welcomed us on Friday afternoon....the view was breathtaking! And we could see this out of our bedroom window!
Once we were settled in we went for a walk in time to watch the sun go beautiful as it reflected over the clouds in the distance.
And we were so glad we did because by the next morning the clouds had rolled in and the next evening there were only clouds so no sunset to enjoy. Another great reminder to take advantage of opportunities when you have them because you may not have them again! :-)
We loved our time away, the beauty all around us, and time to reflect on an amazing 40 years!

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