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Friday, March 27, 2015

Pool Hijinx

 Pool Time was definitely a big highlight of our time in Palm Springs.
 There was fun for young...
 ...and games to make up!
 Having our own private pool was so much fun!
 But even this Mimi loved her time in the pool...
 ...especially when joined on the air mattress by some of the cousins.
 Lexi declared just before this picture was taken that she could stay here forever....until heaven!

 Colson thought even Dave should join the fun!
 Splash fights were always a great way to burn off some energy after lunch.

 Trying to make the biggest splash was always photo-worthy!

1 comment:

Anneliese said...

Love those "jumping in the pool pics"! I can imagine more trips like this in your future, maybe with the whole gang!