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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Beauty on a Gray Day

After a week of beautiful warm, sunny weather,
the day had dawned very gray
with rain forecast for later in the day.
I caught myself feeling discouraged,
down and kind of gray like the day...

until I looked out my kitchen window 
and saw the beautiful flowers in bloom.
It was like they were calling me to step outside,
and stop to take a look.
 The dark red rhododendrons were in full bloom...
 and unlike my neighbour who is already dreading deadheading the finished blooms,
I just stood and admired their beauty,
so many individual blossoms making up each flower.
 The branches on this one were so heavy
they almost covered up the pretty pink azalea growing underneath.
 I'm excited that the camelia bush 
that we planted two years ago 
is growing stronger and has blooms that almost look like roses.
 Dave's been busy in our backyard 
and I'm delighted with our newest pink/yellow rhodo.
 This magenta azalea is about to burst into bloom underneath our living room window,
 right beside this white rhodo 
which has been getting major cutbacks every year
in an effort to have room for others to grow.
 I love how these flowers start out light pink,
but then become more white as they open
with a hint of color inside.
 Of course the cherry blossoms outside my kitchen window make me smile,
because I always wanted a cherry tree in our backyard and now I have one that I can see every day.
 Even one of my white hydrangeas is starting to bloom...
...doesn't it know it's not time yet?
It's only April after all!
 And then there is the Japanese Skimmia...Hers and his versions!
 That's right!! 
You heard me!
This is the female plant which grows beautiful red berries...
 but only if it is close to the male plant!!
Even in the plant world they need each other to bloom
and be all that they were meant to be.
As I walked back to the front door with a smile on my face
I noticed my red azalea,
waiting for a few warm days so it too can burst into bloom!

As I walked back into the house
I realized that my spirits had lifted
and the gray skies weren't so overwhelming any more.

I just needed to take some time
to stop and smell the flowers
or at least to notice them
and be reminded that just as my creator takes care of them
He also takes care of me!

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Anneliese said...

Your garden is beautiful! Are you sure you are in a condo?