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Friday, April 01, 2016

Come Walk With Me

 Spring came very early to our part of the country this year 
and I had been telling Dave for weeks that he needed to come walk the trail with me
to see all the birds that had flown into the pond ... colourful and each one more perfect than the last,
reflecting our amazing Creator
with their feathers looking like they have been painted on with a brush.
 When the weather finally cooperated we enjoyed a wonderful walk with camera in hand..
the pair of green-winged teals were the first ones we stopped to marvel at.
It amazes me to see the colours, the tiny strips of each one,
knowing that their feathers have to lie down just so to show them off.
 The common mergansers always catch my eye with their striking colouring 
and we see them all winter long...
but this spring for the first time I spotted this pair of northern shovelers.
Look at those bills...aptly named I think!
 But without a doubt, 
the wood ducks always grab my attention!
 Just look at this pair...
 ...even the female has colour on her back.
 Absolute perfection!
 Mallard ducks are so much more common
but beautiful in their own way.
 As we rounded the corner on the trail, I spied something I have never seen before...
 ...a hummingbird just sitting on a branch!!
Any bird watchers out there who can confirm that this is an 'Anna's Hummingbird',
as opposed to a 'Rufous Hummingbird'?
  Back on the pond, the double-crested cormorant had found the perfect perch.
 We usually see a lot of buffleheads
but they are such small birds that it's hard to get a good picture of one.
 Dave managed to catch this thrush singing his heart out!
Unfortunately the varied thrushes were all in hiding 
so we couldn't get a picture...
 but this robin looked like it was posing just for us!
I love these Oregon Dark-Eyed Juncos
with their black hoods.

There are so many more species to be seen around this pond,
but on this day we marveled at the beauty of these.

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Anneliese said...

Beautiful! that hummingbird looks like the one that visited my window box last year. I liked to think of her as Anna.