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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

No Ordinary Morning

It started out like any other ordinary fall morning,
two young teens getting ready for school,
each in her home
with her own family,
 but looking forward to getting to school.

Saying goodbye, who knew
that this wasn't an ordinary morning...
...saying goodbye to family
they had no idea what the day would hold,
only that they were going off to school.

Were there any words left unsaid?
I love you,
Have a good day,
you are an awesome daughter,
and an amazing friend?

The girls were glad to meet at school,
going to class 
and reliving again 
the memories they had made 
at the Youth Retreat the past weekend.

They were inseparable,
at school,
at church,
in their youth group,
on missions trips.

When other students walked by them
that day in the Rotunda,
they smiled and assumed they were just doing homework
but no,
these two had something else on their minds.

They had an assignment all right,
but a song from the weekend was going through their minds,
and they decided to write out the words,
 a poem,
about God's amazing grace. 

This is Amazing Grace,
This is Amazing Love,
That you would take my place, 
that you would bear my cross,
You laid down your life that I would be set free
Jesus I sing for all you have done for me.

When evil walked in and attacked,
one got away, stabbed but safe...
but the other?
she laid down her life for a friend.

It was no ordinary morning the day Letisha died,
this girl who loved Jesus,
who sang amazing grace
who got to meet her Saviour
and be welcomed with well done!

She loved her Jesus,
and sang his praises,
she was his hands and his feet,
to the children and the homeless,
and she finished well.

A week has passed since that day
.....a community still in mourning
more aware than ever that no word should be left unsaid,
.....a church family that grieves but with hope
because of God's amazing grace. 

Many of us are still singing that song,
humming the words as we grieve,
the loss of one so young
one so in love with her Jesus...
This is amazing grace!

***Written in memory of Letisha Reimer, fatally stabbed at her high school on November 1, 2016.
For more about how her church responded read here.

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Anneliese said...

Stories like this are such a wake up call to live each day like it could be the day we say goodbye... saying the things we would say it we knew we'd not have another chance.