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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Present Over Perfect

She had me at the title....
and my dear husband knew it 
when he picked the book up at a conference he attended!

It was like it was calling to me to be read,
never mind everything else on the pile of books
(and yes, if you know me you know that I always have a pile of books).

Present over perfect,
Leaving behind frantic 
for a simpler, more soulful way of living.

As I read the forward I knew that this was a book for me,
one that would cause me to over and over again say,
YES!!! That's exactly how I feel(felt).

Right now.
Remake your life from the inside out."
(page 17)

This past year of living in intense pain
feels like that has been exactly what has been happening,
God has been remaking my life from the inside out. 

He has taken this busy Grandma
who worked hard to make everything look just perfect
and changed me from the inside out.

My life is marked now by quiet, connection, simplicity...
there is a peace that defines my days,
a settledness, a groundedness.
(page 27) 

God brought me to a full stop
and in the sitting still he has filled my soul with peace
...this is what He has for me for such a time as this.

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Anneliese said...

Maybe this is a learning curve for all of us in this season of life, appreciating the moments and not taking anything for granted.