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Monday, December 19, 2016

A Wild(e) Christmas

 The table was all set and ready
for our annual Wilde get-together.
 My parents were here 
and excited to see all of their grandchildren from the area in one place.
 I had decided to take family pictures as they came in
before the littles took off downstairs to the 'playroom' 
as they called it.
 It's so fun to see my sister's children
and their children.
....and baby makes three.
 And of course, 
fun to see her and her hubby as well.
 Oma and Opa meet their newest great-grandson...
 Lucas Emmanuel...named after his Opa.
 Ready to sit down to eat...
the whole group together.
 The chinese food was ready...
years ago I decided to simplify
and we all love it.
No one has to fuss over the hot stove,
and we can all enjoy ourselves and each other.
 The big kids enjoyed having their very own table
and had so much fun together.
 Had to get my baby snuggles in...
We missed one of my nephews and of course our girls and their families,
but enjoyed the time together
laughter shared around the table,
and stories of the past year.

We are so blessed,
blessed beyond measure.

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Anneliese said...

This is so fun to see because I knew your brother-in-law and heard of his long distance girl friend, way before I knew you and can now catch a glimpse of their family through you. I love that exciting news of the newest grandchild. So great to see how you still have room for a large group in spite of moving out of a house.