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Thursday, December 22, 2016

From There to Here to There

 We started celebrating Christmas the day after American Thanksgiving...
 by helping to set up the Texas-sized Christmas Tree
 and a little boy's Christmas Train under that tree....
 almost 3000 kilometers from here!
 And yes, this 13 foot beauty is a real tree
with hundreds of lights on it!
 Fast forward to last weekend and our Abbotsford family.

We don't have Christmas Card pictures with us and all of our grandchildren,
and sometimes I admit, 
it makes me sad.

But when I am sad, 
I miss the joy of celebrating three times,
from there,
to here, 
to there....
another 700 kilometers north of here.

Our families are spread over the continent,
almost 4000  kilometers apart.
Add to that my parents who live 900 km east of here,
and our daughter -in-love's family
which lives almost 3000 km southeast of here,
and well,
we really are spread out!

 So I have learned to savour the moments,
the times with each family
and each set of grands.
 To remember Jaxon's sheer joy with his gifts,
 and Aidan's more mature response.
To be thankful to still have my parents with us,
enjoying three generations of their offspring
and family albums of pictures.
 Do I wish for a Christmas picture with all 9 of our grandchildren on it at one time?
Yes! No doubt about it,
but I know that isn't happening so I will enjoy our three Christmases...
From there,
to here, 
and then to there.

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Anneliese said...

Scrolling down now, I see that you said what I wrote in another comment!
Inspite of it all, there are so many blessings to count! I'm in there with you. Christmas via facetime is also something to give thanks for.