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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Fun in a Winter Wonderland

 We had no idea what we were in for, except that we were supposed to dress warm!
We got out of the car, and I snapped this family picture before we took off down the trail...
needless to say they were all dressed for the occasion!
And then we were off!
 Heather snapped this great selfie of the two of us which I will treasure for a long time,
since I am usually the one behind the lens,
and I have very few pictures with our adult children.
 Halle wanted to go out onto the lake and check it out...
she thought she would like to try ice fishing...

...but then decided to check out the skating rink that people had cleared out.
 Jude was more interested in what came next...
 ...a snack break!!
 Little did we know what Matt had stashed away in his backpack!

There were snacks of all kinds,
and a little propane burner so we could boil water for hot chocolate!!
We were amazed at how many other families were out,
ice fishing, skating, walking their dogs.
Kai was ready to sled, and try out the hill...
 ...right down onto the lake!!
 Next it was Jude's turn...
 Halle had a try too, 
but wasn't impressed!
 But Kai absolutely loved it,
and begged for just one more run before we packed up to leave.
 It was time for Jude's nap,
so our adventure had to come to an end...
but a friendly stranger offered to take a picture of all of us,
a great reminder of an awesome day of fun
in this winter wonderland.

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