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Friday, January 06, 2017

I Still Choose Joy

I love it when God works in the hearts of friends and family
to remind me of important truths.

Whether in a card, 
a bookmark,
or a book,
over the years I have cherished those reminders.
I find them tucked away in my journal,
my Bible,
or in my night table drawer beside the bed.

This Christmas I received two such very special gifts.
The first is this plaque that now hangs on our wall
between the front entrance and the kitchen.
I walk by it multiple times every single day,
and each time, I am reminded....
'I Choose Joy'!

My good friend had found it on a shopping trip with her daughter in the fall,
and immediately thought of me.
She knows that I have made an intentional choice in my life to choose joy,
but that isn't a once for all times choice.

Five years ago(can that possibly be)
I wrote about how I had chosen the word, joy' for my word for 2011
and that commitment hasn't changed.

I need to choose it over, and over and over again,
regardless of the circumstances I face
the uncertainty of my future
or the pain I am in.
I am so thankful for my friend,
for her sensitivity to the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit
who knew that in the days ahead I would need to be reminded...

Thankful for a tangible reminder 
that I see over and over and over again,
that regardless of what my days hold,
or what 2017 looks like,
'I Choose Joy'!

1 comment:

Anneliese said...

Whereas many people would think that you are one who just happens to be joyful, I know that so often this has been a decision you had to make with the strength of the Lord. May this year be filled with an extra measure of joy.