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Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Week That Was

 There are still a few piles of snow left that will take some time to melt,
 but just a few more pictures of the week that was!
 It's hard to believe how much snow fell...
 and without any wind,
it just piled up on all the plants and trees.
 So much beauty...
 as the piles got higher,
 and higher...
and higher!
Over a year's worth of snow in just a few days!
 The birds found refuge in our tall trees,
junkos, chickadees, towhees, sparrows, goldfinches, and house finches...
 and surprisingly even a Varied Thrush,
 it's colours so radiant against the white of the snow.
 They love the birdfeeder...
 and crowd around it for their turn.
 The day before it had begun to snow again,
 but as the temperatures rose, the world was covered in ice...
The ice on the needles was incredibly beautiful
although the roads were treacherous.
As the temperatures warmed up
and the snow-eater winds blew(yes, they really call them that)
the snow melted
leaving some interesting formations
and memories of a week
we won't soon forget!!

1 comment:

Anneliese said...

You said it! A week we won't soon forget! You got some really nice pictures! There was a day I wished I had a birdfeeder, when our tree was full of tiny birds. By the time I got some seeds and crumbs out, they were gone.