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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Maui Memories

If wishing would make it so, 
I would be sitting in a lawn chair looking out at this right now!
 Or maybe beside Dave at this table,
drinking our morning coffee.
 This is where we spent a week of Spring Break this year...
 ...enjoying these beautiful grounds
 and the lovely pool,
  with our Abby kids.
 Planned for over a year already,
we had no idea it would serve as our 'Retirement Trip'.
 Jaxon was my pool buddy...
...always ready for his 'Mimi' to jump in with him.
And to be honest,
I was thrilled having swimming partners that were always ready to join me!
 You could walk for miles and miles along the beach...
 all the way to Ka'anapali Beach
 and beyond.
 Absolutely irresistable!
 Perfect for jumping, swimming and a variety of other things that we enjoyed...
 all wrapped up in our Maui Memories for now.

But oh the memories,
memories to last for a lifetime.

Twenty-three years earlier we also made Maui Memories,
when my parents took my sister and I with our families there for Spring Break.
And now we were back,
with our son and his family,
making a whole new set of memories.

Wishing I was there tonight!

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Anneliese said...

Youre making me wish to walk that beach again! =)