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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Beauty is in the Details

Too often in our everyday lives we suffer from 'hurry sickness'.
We hurry through life 
rushing from one thing to the next on our 'To Do' list
and we miss the beauty all around us.
For example,
did you know that American Goldfinches aren't yellow in the winter?
In fact they are grey,
and now that spring is just around the corner 
their feathers are coming in yellow,
first just isolated dots of colour
but now more and more yellow is coming in.
 Now that Dave is retired, 
he has pulled out his camera again
and begun to catch the beauty 
that is in the details all around us.
 After a walk around the pond last week,
he came home with some of these shots
that just had to be shared...
 and were just a reminder to me 
of how amazing nature truly is.
 Just look at this!
 You may just see a female mallard duck here,
but look at the details in her feathers...
 and this green-winged teal is magnificent...
but nothing compares to the wood ducks!
The sun shining off this male mallard just lights him up.
 There are many different species of diving ducks on the pond,
 but these male mergansers really stand out.
If you are feeling overwhelmed,
rushing and hurrying all day long
every single day,
stop today....
...take a deep breath
and look around you...

There is beauty in the details
and it's all around you!

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Anneliese said...

Aw ... that last one is so cute! Really, such great photos pointing out details I don't necessarily see when I walk. I'll have to take a closer look for sure!